Giant Powder

15 Sep

I’ve been researching blasting, gunpowder and dynamite for my book I’m currently editing.  (And hopefully not ending up on a federal watchlist.)  I was amazed to come across this poster for blasting powder in Fanny Ann’s Saloon in Old Sacramento.  You can find it just behind the ketchup.

In case it wasn’t obvious how big the giant is, check out the bear loincloth.

The Giant Powder Company was located at Pinole Point up in the north San Francisco Bay.  The California Powder Works was located just a few miles away in Hercules.  After the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, the California Powder Works shipped dynamite and blasting powder across the bay to the Army.  The Army used it to demolish buildings and try to create barriers against the fires raging throughout the city.

Yeah, you read that right.  The Army, in an attempt to stop the fires, exploded the not-on-fire buildings.  No way that could go wrong.

Don’t worry, we got this!

I’ll go into more detail on how it went (BAD) in a future blog post.


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